GPU Farm



  • Availability HPC Power is key for AI Development.

  • The Drivery provides access to HPC Power for its members.

  • HPC resources will increase in several stages.

  • For start, an NVIDIA DGX Station will be available for shared use.

High Performance Computing Power is a key asset for AI Development and Deep Learning

Startups and predevelopment department engaging in AI development and Deep Learning will rather sooner than later come across two bottlenecks in their development process. The first bottleneck will most probably be High-Performance Computing Power, the second the availability of suitable data

High Cost, High Risk

Especially during proof-of-concept or similar early stages of the development process the high cost of either data acquisition or processing power is hard to handle for startups or poses a high risk to investors, thereby leads to many promising ideas discarded and opportunities lost.

The Solution: Shared Processing Power and Data at The Drivery

Since it is our goal to establish The Drivery as the one-spot location for Future Mobility Development and AI being an integral part thereof, we decided to provide shared processing power in a staging process to our members and in a next step supply training data as well.

First Stage - DGX Station